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Quench Fab's best of NYFW Spring/Summer 2012!

 Hi, you guys. So, New York Fashion Week has now ended. It is officially the day after, I'm doing my final review on my favorite collections/looks. London Fashion Week is already underway, so look forward to continuous posts! At any rate, here are some looks from my favorite collections in New York Fashion Week! (Excluding Prabal Gurung & The Row which I previously reviewed)

 First up is Alexander Wang
Alexander Wang has been a household name for a few years now. His cool, dark aesthetic was revived in this Spring collection. For his Spring 2011 collection, he strayed away from black and gave us what he wanted to be perceived as "optimistic". I can honestly say that this collection, even with the black, has me VERY optimistic. I, and countless others, waited not-so patiently to watch the designer's collection on the Live Stream that was available for those of us not lucky enough to be able to attend the show.

 As the looks started coming down the runway, my visual was filled with deep colors, mesh, and so many exciting accessories, I could barely keep them straight. At that point, I was pretty much sold. But leave it to Mr. Wang to push the envelope and delve further into my heart with his distinct silhouettes and prints. The floral printed motorcycle helmet stole my heart at first sight. I frantically tweeted my joyous reaction while trying to keep my eyes on the computer screen.

After that flurry of excitement, I enjoyed Aztec inspired tribal prints flow across my screen and avidly told the world how genius the show was.

Diesel Black Gold
This collection was pretty amazing, I must say. I've always liked the brand and the aesthetic. Designer, Sophia Kokosalaki says the the collection is about reflection. The metallics were divine. The color palate was great. I also like the collars and lapels they used. The shoes were great, as well. I want at least one piece from this collection!



Chado Ralph Rucci
This review is summed up in a question: How do you not love it? Metallics, sheer material...This collection has everything a woman wants. She wants to stand out. She wants to e different. She wants to be sexy. She wants to be sophisticated. Ralph Rucci's Spring 2012 collection is inspired and beautifully crafted.  Bravo!

Elie Tahari 
Known for his commercial clothing and sensible style, Tahari brings the same feeling back with this collection. He adds metallics and plunging necklines to keep the it edgy and fresh. The blouses in particular are what caught my eye. You also see a bit of layering with the dresses, which adds a little more depth to the pieces. I like that a lot! 

Donna Karan
As you can see from the reviews above, metallics are going to be trending heavily next Spring. A lot of the designer's collections were Africa-inspired as well. DVF, Michael Kors, and the collection below, Donna Karan. With lots of browns and blues, Karan brings ethnic, tribal inspiration to the runway and not subtly. She says that the bold brush strokes in the collection are inspired by Haitian artist Phillipe Dodan. I love that she can go from draping silk on the body of a model in beige to using bold hues of brown and blue and structure. Everything is done so beautifully and with such precision and that is appreciated by her long-time consumers as well as the people in the industry.


Derek Lam
If you all didn't already know, there are three things I love: Leather, Things that Sparkle, and newly, great collars. Lately, I've kind of been obsessed with the Peter Pan collar. It's everywhere and I don't know why, but I love it! Derek Lam incorporated all of these things in this collection. The leather pieces are so timeless and just full on-awesome. There was some color blocking going on, which I loved, but more than anything, I loved that the pieces weren't over-worked. Minimalism is always going to be in style. So while he had fun with the designs and colors, it was easily chic.

 So that's all for my sartorial ranting and raving. Check out my last post for a few of my favorite street-style looks from Fashion Week and stay tuned for London Fashion Week coverage!

Love, Ayanna 

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