Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Row, Spring 2012

As I was looking through the photos of the Row's presentation, I really wasn't surprised at all. I expect nothing but excellence from Ashley and Mary Kate! The silhouettes are nothing short of amazing, in my opinion. I've been talking (and tweeting) about how Body Con is slowly transitioning out, and I actually love that. I think that women can be sexy and fierce without skin-tight clothing. If she exudes that with the boxier, flowy kind of look, I think that is the woman we want to be. That's the woman who has enough confidence to be different and werk it!

At any rate, the collection looks beautiful. I can't wait to get some more details and some closer looks. What do you guys think? Which is your favorite, or least favorite look? I am adoring the tops and the blazers. I die. 

Love, Ayanna 

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  1. Love the collections :-) hopefully I will be able to attend NYFW one day! We are now following you,stop by and please do follow back



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