Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Prabal Gurung Experience

Imagine you're sitting front row at a show in New York City. Or maybe, a few rows back if you're not as famous of a blogger as Rumi Neely. You see a dress coming down the runway. It's white, with ocean blue, purple and black accents. As the sheer material flows behind the towering, but graceful model, you notice the amazing attention to detail. The drape of the fabric and how it flatters the slender figure you see now posing, and turning around to make her way backstage.

In the short amount of time that that dress has come down the runway, you've gone somewhere, vacationed, and come back. Prabal Gurung has taken you on a journey. Now, you're fluttering with excitement to see the rest of the collection. The genius, the inspiration, and the love that has gone into the clothing you're seeing is apparent. Take a look for yourself!

Love, Ayanna 


  1. The first dress looks gorgeous! Looove the rest of them too!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.

  2. amazing post!

    would be super lovely if you check out my blog too!


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