Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Paris Fashion Week Mania

Hello my lovely, fabulous fashionistas! I'm back from the trenches of my piles and piles of homework and other deeds that life has been wacking me up side the head with. How have you all been enjoying Paris Fashion Week the past few days? I've been loving it. Namely, Dior, Andrew Gn, and Anne Valerie Hash just to name a few collections I've been dying over. I'm going to share some of my favorite photos and looks from these collections. I want to know what collections you guys are loving! P.S. Am I the only one who LOVED the music selection at the Chloe show yesterday? :)

Dior FW11 Collection.
(Idk how much the prick Galliano had to do with this but it's divine. He might be a drunken racist but the man is talented. By the way, comment on what you think about Galliano's dismissal from Dior!)

A look from the Anne Valerie Hash FW11 Collection. I love the draping!

Andrewe Gn FW11 Collection. The white coat is my FAV.

Video of the Day: Glee Cast-Blame It
I am a total gleek. Can't wait for tonight's episode! :)


  1. The designs are stunning. I'd love to own couture anything...[Sigh]

    Anyway, I just put a giveaway up if you're interested :)


  2. All the collections are lovely, but my favorite would be Andrewe Gn FW 11 collection. The tailoring is amazing.

    Fashion Rehab

  3. my dear thanks for your sweet comment!!:)
    i like all of these pics and collections!!nice nice blog!
    Would you continue to follow me?i'd be very happy:)


  4. Great picks from the collection! I thought Dior was exquisite! I find what Galliano said inexcusable and I really hope he gets help and be a better person! xoxoxoo

  5. congrats on having a bit less of a homework load!

    i was really sad that galliano felt that way, i used to have so much respect for him :(

    also, i'm a total gleek.

  6. ok firstly,yay glee!
    secondly,i like your picks(especially the dior ones)
    also'i'm not too sure about what exactlly galliano said,but anything anti-sematic or racist is totally unacceptable!the man might be a genius and everything,but i think being a nice person is way more important,also like spidey's uncle said,'with great power comes great responsibilty'!


    i love both of them equally !
    the dresses are amazing !

    glisters and blisters

  8. Love these collections, all are beautiful in their own way xx

  9. it was amazing fashion week with all the great shows....loved the CHANEL

  10. I personally love Galliano's collections this year, and I'm not quite sure Dior made the right decision. Yes, of course he was an absolute racist idiot, but I don't think Dior should get envolved in any way. I mean, if it wasn't Galliano but some random dude instead, this wouldn't be talked about and he wouldn't lose his job!



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