Sunday, March 20, 2011

Are you there? It's me Ayanna!

Hello dears! It's been a while, right? I know. I wont get into all the fuckery that has taken place in my life that has prevented me from blogging more. I feel bad. I sincerely miss blogging and I miss all of you! At any rate, this is a bit f random-ness for you. (I like random.)

Here are some personal style photos. I've been doing a little shopping. Still have to get the perfect nude pump, but my friend says she found one for me so...Hopefully I can go snatch them before they run out of my size!

Color Block Blazer: Aryn K. (from Cest la Vie) A really solid buy for my wardrobe
Tee: Wet Seal
Cross Necklace: Cest La Vie
Bag: Marc Ecko
Peacok Ring: Charlotte Russe
Feather earrings (I'm on a feather kick now): Charlotte Russe
Knit hat: Target
Bracelet: (me and my mom's jewelry site. It will be finished momentarily)

Black blazer: S & D
Top:Charlotte Russe
Earrings: Gifted
Necklace: Sears
Fishnet arm warmers: Claire's
Embellished glove: Quench Fab Accessories

Me & my son after a walk on a nice day. He's wearing Ralph Lauren.


Oh yeah! Guys, meet Bella! My new baby. (Nikon D3100) My memory card and USB will be here later in the week so
get ready to see some better shots and some more posts! :D

Video of the Day: Leon Thomas III Smash Up
You guys might recognize Leon from the Nickelodeon show Victorious as Andre or from the movie August Rush. He's 17. He's cute as hell. He has great style. And he is AMAZINGLY talented. I think I'm crushing a bit. *blushes*

Jr. says: Bye guys, hope you liked the post! :D


  1. You're so gorgeous you actually remind me of an off duty model ha-ha :) Love the blue blazer and your little boy is so cute! Plus omg your figure after a baby! Inspiring :) xx

  2. your baby boy is soooo sooo cuuuute!!!! You are a lucky mama! :D

    love your glasses! so fun!


  3. Your baby boy is adorable! Loving your blue blazer, xx

  4. your big glasses are SO AMAZING!

    but what's more amazing is your absolutely fantastically adorable son!!!

  5. OMG......yo have great and fabulous style, and your son is so sweeeeeet, beautiful as his your blog and following,follow back?

  6. Wow, your glasses are adorable! And I'm glad to see your new post! Your son is so cute and he has such a sweet smile! xoxoxoo

  7. isn't you son the cutest... i love your jacket n ring. nice look.


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