Sunday, August 22, 2010

A New Tune For Liya

Accomplished model, Liya Kebede (who happens to be my absolute favorite model) is posing to the beat of a new drum in the September 2010 issue of Vogue Italia. Rocking a punk, spiked hairstyle and tons of leather, the fashion-forward biker chick look pretty much speaks for itself. Tom Munro, the photographer, incorporates a great grunge quality to the photos. Liya's always fierce anyway so everything came together great for this editorial spread. Also, kudos to the stylist Ludivine Poiblanc for being gutsy enough to try something so fresh with Liya. She's obviously versitile but I haven't seen her this hardcore in a while. Enjoy!


  1. hey you've got a great blog there!

    greetings from singapore:)
    following your blog now.


  2. Thanks for following! These photos are gorgeous, especially love the second one from the bottom. Great story!


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