Monday, August 23, 2010

Fashion Forward Travel

For all you fashionistas on-the-go or on the way back to school soon, I have a few items I thought I'd post.

The first item is a messenger bag. Great for lugging laptops onto campus or to a special place to work on your blogging. Whatever the occasion, you'll want to keep your laptop (and all those pictures of your fashionable wardrobe choices that you have saved) safe and why not be chic while you're at it? I'm actually considering buying this to use as a book bag this semester. Great quality and pretty affordable to be all leather.

David King black messenger bag via ( )

Now, as far as Roberto Cavali goes I don't think you can ever go wrong.
They may be pricey, but by the name on the frames you'd expect that. Doesn't mean they aren't fabulous. I love the over sized look and the crystal logo. So great.

Over sized Roberto Cavali sunglasses via

Last but not least are these Jessica Simpson glasses. First of all I'd like to state that I absolutely love Jessica's line. It's girly glam meets grown-up fab. I like that! These are an example of the girly glam, I think. Not too much embellishment and not to drab. The perfect combination!

Jessica Simpson sunglasses via ( )

I found all this stuff on They made it really easy to create a look with so many options. Points you in the right direction for all the great stuff on sale. Fashion and saving money are two of my favorite things!

Create your own back to school or jet-setting on-the-go look and direct me to your blogs after you've posted. I want to know what you guys are feeling this fall (Besides dreadful about classes starting)! :)


  1. Stunning blog and I follow you via google.
    It would make me very happy if you like to follow me, too.


  2. The messenger bag looks fantastic! I bet it'll look even better after being toted around all semester. I love bags like that when they're a little worn.

  3. cool sunglasses!!!!

    <3 <3 <3

  4. I like that messanger bag!


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