Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fashion Statement? : Bottega Veneta Has Six Black Models Walk Consecutively

Today at Milan Fashion WeekBottega Veneta opened the show with model Cora Emmanuel and five other models of color followed. Even in this day and age, seeing that made me smile.

Fashion critic, Robin Givhan wrote a piece earlier this year about the Lanvin Spring/Summer 2011 show where five black models simultaneously walked down the runway and what a statement it made. This definitely reminded me of that story.

Even though by now we know that models of all ethnicities are walking for designers all over the world, the statement that was made still triggered something in us to at least acknowledge what had happened and think about what it meant.

Seeing those models cascading down the runway in gorgeous hues of greens, blues and summery silhouettes was undoubtedly a beautiful thing to witness. What does this mean to you guys? Is it no big deal? Is it something great? Let me know!

Love, Ayanna 

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  1. This is amazing!! I think there should be more black models because these girls are beautiful as others!!!




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