Thursday, August 25, 2011

Made You Think

Ciao Fab Fixators..How are you all today? Good, I hope. It's a pretty gloomy day, here in Michigan. Just got through reading my September issue of W that I was so excited to get. It exceeded expectations. I loved it. When I was done, I felt the feeling that I only have when I finally finish a really good book. Sadly, I haven't had this feeling in a very long time. So it was refreshing.

I came across something in the masthead of W. Something inspiring. I saw a name. And below the name, I saw the name of a city. My city. Detroit. I thought aloud "What is Detroit doing on the pages of W?". So I started to research the person's who's name I saw. I googled and googled until I came across something that could help me.

I started to read and put pieces together from scattered sites and web pages. As I did this, it seemed as if a beacon of light escaped from the dark overcast that had been above me and my plans. Maybe things were going to be okay after all. Maybe. It also made me wonder (and simultaneously tweet): Is Blair Wardolf my alter ego? (Not the backstabbing and plotting. But on the fashion and career side of things. If you've seen Season 4 of Gossip Girl, you may get what I mean).

The truth is, for the past few days, everything has been going downhill. I've been getting bad news after bad news after bad news. And unfortunately, I'm the type to crack under pressure. I don't just shrug things off and keep moving. I dwell. I cry....I pretty much have a mourning and grieving process whenever something I don't like happens. Not for more than ten minutes, but still. It's something I'm working on. 

Sure, my life is in shambles and the I'm chasing my dreams on a phone is on it's last leg, and my computer is basically useless. So what I can't cover these events for my blog, my classes start in less than a week and I can't replace anything for almost a month...And so what that I just got an e-mail from my school saying my schedule just changed. Not to mention the many other nuisances that have happened around this time in my life. Life's grand. Embrace it.


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