Friday, February 18, 2011

Back From The Pits

Okay you guys. I have hit an all new low with not posting. I'm ashamed to have let so much time go by without so much as a hello! Art NO JOKE. And online classes make it THAT MUCH HARDER! Not to mention LIFE. Yeah. Everything has been hectic, to put it nicely. But don't think I've abandoned Quench Fab. I think about it everyday and I think about my readers TWICE a day. You guys are so beautiful and fabulous and loyal and I thank you so much for still visiting, commenting, etc. Anyway, I said that I'd be posting some of my work and I will keep my word. So here you go =)

Christian Louboutin Spiked Pumps.

Tumblr inspired 'in the moment'

Tumblr inspired 'in the moment' Watercolor

Tumblr inspired

Tumblr inspired 'on the runway'

These are from my sketch book assignment in Fashion Illustration class. Our main assignments have been blind contour drawing (IT SUCKS). I LOVE SKETCHING! Bold lines are not my friend! But I'm trying....

Burberry Spring 2011 Campaign  shots
They both look AMAZING. Stunning.

Video of the Day:
This is the Sacha M'Baye and Jourdan Dunn Burberry Spring 2011 Campaign Video. It was so amazing I had to share. Even though it's a few weeks old but if you have been buried in school work like me, maybe you'll appreciate it lol.


  1. Looks great :)))

  2. love this editorial! xoxo

  3. great outfit!the pictures are stunning!!loved the entire blog!you do a great job blogging i must say!i hope you visit my blog as well and i can see you on my list!i follow u!
    kisses from greece!

  4. I love Burberry!!! Their clothes are faboulous!Thanks for your comment.

  5. Girl I know how you feel...i am still behind in blogging...

  6. i love the louboutin drawing and burberry is always so amazing :)

  7. amazing love ur work!! and goodluck with school...i understand how hectic these classes are!!

  8. Nice post!


  9. i love the louboutin sketch..
    u can actually become really good,if u keep practising.


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