Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tom For is a Monster

Hello dolls and Happy New Year! So I had kind of a plan of what I would blog on today. However, my plan is delayed & I think I will make it some sort of series and even a video to go along because it's very important to me. So stay tuned. Any who, I was on Fashion Gone Rogue today and I spotted this Tom Ford campaign.

This was the first photo and it immediately caught my eye.
SHE is rocking that red lip! (I am of the opinion that everyone doesn't look good in red lipstick).
But she looks amazing. And even with the sleepy look in her eye she is giving me FACE!

I adore a man in a bow tie so this screamed at me.

It waas short, but sweet. I loved it. What did you guys think?

Video of the Day: Monster-Kanye West, Rick Ross, Jay-Z & Nicki Minaj

This video is mad controversial. To me, it was disturbing. Nicki had the least disturbing scene so if you watch, do so with caution. Usually you all just comment on the fashion part of my posts. Hardly ever the video which I take the time out to add to every post now (sad face). But I really want you guys' reaction to this. So do me a solid and actually READ this little bit that I'm typing. I do the same for each and everyone of you. It discredits my writing (which is phenomenal), my content (which I work very hard to find to keep you guys happy), and it's just nice to actually read what someone has to say and not just look at the pretty pictures. I take the time out to write because I think you deserve to hear what I have to say. So with that said, enjoy!

Love, Ayanna <3


  1. I don't think the video is disturbing at all, I find it actually fits the song.....

  2. So beautiful, love it :))


  3. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog!

    Love & Labels

  4. beautiful campaign pics!!
    big kiss

  5. Your content is fabulous-you should be proud of it! While the campaign pictures are gorgeous, I am not going to watch the video tonight-it's late and I'm not up for something disturbing. <3
    Happy New Year!


  6. Lol! Thanks Meera. I can respect that!

  7. i love the tom ford campaign!! when i clicked on the video it says it was unavailable - im not sure if it's my computer or the link! let me know!

  8. Hi guys, I posted a new link for the video. Hopefully this one stays!

  9. I didn't make it through the whole video. I'll have to check it out tomorrow because my husband keeps talking over it.

    As for the fashion part of your post--I am a huge fan of those oversized cat glasses.

  10. She looks amazing in that red lipstick!

    And as for Kanye's was..interesting. I liked it to be completely honest, I felt it was so creepy and disturbing just like a horror movie which is what they must have been going for. Kudos to Kanye for thinking outside the box once again :)

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  11. I soooo love this post :)

  12. Thank you so much for your comment. "The big hair" is so fantastic, thr picture on my blog is from DIOR!

    Love Elena

    I follow you now!;)

  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog! xx

  14. i adore tom ford and everything he touches. i think the photos are perfection. =)

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