Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Fab Challenge

So, I've been horrible about updating. I'm really sorry, guys! Hopefully it won't get worse because my classes start on the 31st of this month. I swear, I'll do better. I have to. At any rate, I decided to give you all a bit of a challenge. Somewhere in the back of my mind I think a lot of you are just coming here to comment on the pretty pictures (which is fine) but I try to read people's posts if they have taking the time to write something. So I hope you all read this little tid bit I'm pouring out. Take the fab challenge and leave your thoughts! I have a question and this applies to everyone. When it comes to personal style, how do you get inspiration? Celebs, art work, etc...let me know. Or is it just whatever makes you feel the most comfortable? AND do you think your personal style is a reflection of who you are presently, who you are aiming to be in the near future or is it simply playing dress up day after day? I'm just curious. Leave word, loves!

Video of the day: Mary J. Blige-Take Me As I Am

Love, Ayanna


  1. Thanks for the comment. Love that spike bracelet.



  2. it comes from the things around me currently its fashion bloggers and mag editorials.

  3. I get inspired by the past, sometimes celebs and it all depends on what mood I'm in that day :) thanks for the comment

    Love, Vanilla


  4. Interesting question! My style is definitely a reflection of how I feel as a person just now; I am happier than I have ever been so I dress that way. Much more confidently that I did 6 or 7 years ago. I get influence from everywhere but particular street style and old people!! Thank you for my blog comment and I am now following you:)

    Carol x

  5. when it comes to inspiration i go through phases, sometimes its magazines, blogs or certain celebrities... or just streetstyle^^

    ♠ ♠ ♠


  6. I love reading posts as much as the pretty pictures :-). My inspiration for style usually comes from looking at fashion magazines, streetstyle blogs, fashion bloggers and lookbooks. xoxoxxoo

  7. j'adore le bracelet !!


  8. I love reading blogs and magazines for inspiration... And I do think that my style is definitely a reflection of who I am!
    xo Josie

  9. For me, style is about expressing myself but can be very transient and changeable depending on my mood, the weather, what celeb I'm loving! Blogs are such a great inspiration too! xx


  10. My inspiration comes from successful fashion stylists and online bloggers, they fuel my motivation!


  11. i'm happy u mentioned how some people come and only talk about the pic without reading things because i have struggled with the comment section before for this sole reason.
    as to where i get insipired for my personal style, well its usually other bloggers. i love sea of shoes, miss pandora and the cherry blossom girl. i think the style i portray on my blog is a search for who i am while documenting the different moods i am in.

  12. i get most of my inspirations from street style & bloggers. i love seeing real people with unique senses of style! also, i think my personal style is a constant reflection of what i'm feeling!

    btw - i LOVE this mary j song!

  13. My mood is my style...because i am free flowing my outfit typically reflects how I dress...I am pretty natural though w/ a pop of color...I always strive to be me, be unique as I always have been...break outside the mold...

  14. I usually wear the clothes that I know I'll be comfortable in... I dont wanna wear clothes that makes me sweat because I am in a tropical country... I just want to wear something that will make me move at any pace... =)


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