Monday, September 27, 2010

Negative Energy Or A Job?

Good afternoon! As you can see I've become quite close to you all as readers. With that said, I begin every post greeting you all and ending every post wishing you a great day. It just feels right! At any rate, I wanted your guys' opinion on something I've been thinking about.

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Chanel Iman for Vogue Germany.
Disney inspired.
How can you not love?

If you are a fashion blogger who one day wants a career in fashion, do you think it's a good idea to get in the habit of writing negative posts? This is a really small industry. To get in and stay in, it's crucial not to step on any toes. Not saying you should censor yourselves to oblivion, but the designer whose Spring collection you think is trash might do a Winter collection you desperately need. And as pointed out in the movie ATL, it isn't always WHAT you know, but WHO you know.

Even the cut-and-dry, blunt Kelly Cutrone (owner and founder of the prestigious People's Revolution) knew that she first had to pay her dues before she could publicly speak her mind about certain designers and people in this industry. Not only that, she knows who she is and what she stands for. So, in conclusion, what are your thoughts people?

Video of the day: The King. Michael Jackson-You Rock My World
Rest Peacefully MJ!
(Am I the only one who gets butterflies and chills watching Michael?)
Enjoy the rest of your week lovelies!


  1. The truth is that it's way classier to couch your disapproval. There are so many things to cover that evading the crap collection what-were-they-thinking makes sense.

    That said, a list of Don't Ever Do That is wicked fun.

    Criticism is good though, beneficial and cool. Careful to be specific, not a tired that sucked ... say that the stripes were offsetting, or the lengths not working. Show don't tell.

    Because that's cool. Cathy Horyn has gone negative a few times and it's fun but a little rude, frankly. Do it without rude and get a conversation going.

    My thoughts anyway.

  2. I think you should be YOU, period. The right job for you will appreciate your passion and style.

    With that said... we should always remember to have class in the way we state our opinions. Because they are just that - opinions. And you never know who is reading.


    November Grey

  3. I agree with you both. I've been known to be called blunt. I don't really mince words because I find it a waste of time. I actually can't stand censorship. However, it's easy for me not to post negatively on my blog because I pretty much stick to the things I DO like and appreciate.

    NY/Paris, you posted not to long ago about an incedent at Barney's. I think that it was great that you spoke out. Not turned the other cheek simply because of it's reputation.

    What made me think about this was that I was on someone's blog the other day and they posted about a model falling at a show. My thoughts were even though it was kind of funny...why would you be one of the people to make someone's most embarrasing moment go viral? Idk. Maybe it's just me?

  4. chanel iman! this i love! :)
    was that vogue germany this months? if so i want to buyyyy!

    and as far as not stepping on anyone's toes. sometimes it IS the controversy that puts you on the map. just be yourself. don't crush connections with people, since fashion...well. the world, is about who you know. but, never lose yourself. write what you want to write about.

  5. I love the shot of Chanel! Thanks for stopping my my blog.

  6. I definitely think that when it comes to the fashion industry, you have to just put up and shut up for a bit. It sucks, but all of us have to do it, even people (like myself) who tend to be a bit of an alpha! Once you make it, then you can start asserting your more controversial opinions. I DO still think that it's good to have opinions while interning though - it's just important that they're not opinions that would piss off your boss!

    Alexandra xo

  7. Yeah RIP MJ!! and love iman!

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  8. I think it's best to NOT speak negatively of certain fashion designers or other industry pros before you get in the door. It seems like you would be shooting yourself in the foot.

  9. In any industry is a little naive to pass judgement when you haven't worked hard to assert your opinion, or gained the respect of peers. That being said, crafting your critiquing skills and producing unique content is important. So simply copying the opinion of others out of politeness won't get you too far either. I think every situation should be judged independently.

  10. As a fashion blogger, I just want to speak my mind, and I usually blog about things I love and like, not so much what I hate. But if I do happen to mention something I am not so crazy about, I will say it, but I will try to do it respectfully, because that is just my personality. Be yourself is what I say!

  11. i think everyone is entitled to their opinion and if you're working in the fashion industry (as with most environments) communications have to be handled tactfully and diplomatically. it doesn't necessarily mean you can't be genuine, but one can do so while also respecting the work of others and still managing relationships.

  12. I believe if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all. Opinions in fashion are guarded and masked. It's impossible to like everything, and even the biggest couturiers have had bad reviews. I don't think that fashion is by any means a small industry as you put it. It's huge. It's just everyone is connected.

  13. I think it is important to be honest, yet be mindful in your approach to what you don't like.

    and I love that MJ video... x

  14. I think Kelly did the right way. We first need experience, have a certain status that allows us to criticize some designers and class on how to put the words so no one gets offended. Afterall designers are humans also. If I was a designer, I don`t think I would like to see my whole collection getting trashed down.xx

  15. i think it's good to speak your mind about however you feel as long as it's respectful. there's nothing wrong with voicing your opinion negatively as long as it's well thought out and said in a respectful (not hurtful) way!


  16. Mm, that's a really interesting problem, i'm kind of in the same situation myself. In general, i think it's best to form your own opinions of stuff, rather than just 'going with the flow', but I think in general, if you don;t like something, just don;t post it in ANY form. That way, you can't lose favour. But don't gush about everything. Thanks for another comment of my blog, too. Glad you liked the collection. :)

  17. mmm sometimes I don't speak very nice of a designer, if I really don't like their clothing. But there is a line between just not being as nice and being bashful. You can say things like "not my cup of tea" or "typical trends" but I don't think anyone should be bashful.

  18. oh i love this pic!

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  19. Chanel Iman picture is just gorgeous!!

  20. I don't like to post negative things on my blog or talk negatively about people even though sometimes I'm tempted to speak out about something. I think that you can be nice and critical at the same time without being rude or offensive.

  21. Really interesting post! I always like to keep my blog full of positive energy (well, I hope I do!), there is so much negative energy out there, so all I want to blog about are nice fashion related things. :) That's just me though. Be yourself though!! :)SarahD

  22. im in love with chanel iman's editorial !! i like the childhood innocence feel but the black and white makes it look grown up more :)

    i think personally in a blog.. opinions should be "neutral" we can criticize but just make sure its not that offending.. lets say we dont like one collection we can say "i think it'd be better if ________ instead of the ______" rather than us saying "the whole collection is ugly/boring/etc"
    i guess the tough part of being a blogger is knowing how to balance out honesty and be not offensive at the same time :)

  23. in general i try to stay away from negativity, but i don't think you should necessarily not speak you mind. you could always do it with respect!

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