Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Little Bit Of Everything

Hey loves. Sorry I haven't been posting! Some of you may know I'm a mommy. My baby just turned 3 months old on the 22nd so I've been a bit busy with him. At any rate I have a treat for you guys. I did a short interview with Michelle Koesnadi, the blogger from Her blog is always great. She features everything from fashion phototography, styling, her own personal outfit posts and much more. So here it is!

                                                             Blogger Michelle Koesnadi
AM: How did you start blogging?

MK:In the beginning, my blog's purpose is to compile all things that inspire me. I'm already a regular subscriber of famous blogs like Sea of Shoes, Fashion Toast, and Style Scrapbook. and one day, I was on holiday and I had nothing to do, so I just created my own blog ! I didn't post outfit shots at first bt one time I posted some and several readers actually liked it. I kept experimenting my photography work more and more to keep my posts interesting to my readers.

AM:Do you ultimately want a career in fashion?
MK:Yes definitely ! I believe that in order to be successful, you gotta love what you're doing. Passion is the key.

AM:Doing what specifically?

MK:Anything really! Right now being a fashion photographer sounds good. But I don't mind working in a magazine or as part of a design company too.

AM:Who are your favorite designers right now?
MK:Christopher Bailey kicked ass in the Burberry SS 11 show ! My all time faves are Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel and alber elbaz for Lanvin.
AM:Are you interested in doing collaborative styling? If so, who with?
MK:Yes I am ! I'd love to work with Rachel Zoe and Magdalena Frackowiak as the model. She has such a unique face! And Rachel Zoe has an amazing taste in shoes and vintage pieces.

AM:Who are your favorite fashion bloggers?
MK:Jane frm sea of shoes.. Rumi of Fashion Toast.. Andy from Style Scrapbook.. Shini from Park&Cube .. There's alot more I like but I can't really mention all ! Every blogger is unique in their own way..
Photography, Editing and Styling by Michelle Koesnadi

If you havent been to go there NOW! =)
On another note, here's a little personal style from moi. These are a few photos focusing on my accesories. Mainly a cracked, grey oval ring I copped from Charlotte Russe. I have gotten a lot of compliments on it. I happen to adore it. I paired it with a pave` rhinestone heart ring and a rhinestone key necklace one day and with a black and silver tribal ring and simple silver chain the other day.
                    Blue jacket: F21, Rings: Charlotte Russe, Peggy's Fabulous Finds Boutique

Shirt:Charlotte Russe, Rings: Charlotte Russe, gift from California.
 Necklace: Macy's. Mulberry & Urban Grey nail polish: Avon

Peweter princess flats with jeweled bow: Cest La Vie

Madonna Artwork
Video of the Day: Fabolous-Body Ya


  1. I love Michelle's outfit, it's so me! Your rings are really amazing!

  2. Hi your message:) Very cool!!
    I have to arrive at the fashion show at 3pm. Are you working as a volunteer, or attending?

    Bring a camera so we can take some pics...not sure if I can as Ill be working the event....

  3. Hey, thanks for the comment, really appreciate how much you liked that photo. Love that first picture, so sweet, so pretty. :)

  4. I love blogger interviews!! Those girls are so pretty! xoxoxooxo

  5. love Michelle of G&B's.

    Love Grace.

  6. I love the interview, great stuff!

  7. i love michelle!

    Blending Style, Beauty and Fashion

  8. love the interview and your fabulous flats.xx

  9. hey! thanks for your previous comment.
    but u're so lucky got her to be interviewd.. LOL
    she's fabulous blogger..

  10. Michelle's pretty. I shall check out her blog too. Great feature!


  11. Great interview! I love her blog. And you look fantastic also. :)SarahD

  12. really interesting interview!
    I love your shoes....they are totally me!! :D:D

    I hope you are always happy with you baby!!!


  13. Thanks for the comment!
    & what would you think about following each other?


  14. great interview of you. :) love the jeweled flats and rings!

  15. Hey Ayanna:

    Great interview. I love her sunny shades. Your pewter flats are too cute!

  16. Cool rings and shoes =) Awesome interview also

  17. i love Sea of Shoes as well. she is so crazy and unique but so inspiring. glad we think alike hihi.

  18. Hey doll, thanks for stopping by G&G!

    ♥ V

  19. I love reading blogger interviews, great post



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