Monday, May 24, 2010

A Bit Of a Personal Post

Hello dears. Sorry I've been so spotty with my posts. It's been very hectic! I am trying to get better regardless of circumstances. At any rate, my boyfriend brought me The September Issue on Saturday (which was prom) and we watched it on Sunday. I didn't know what to expect before I watched it but it was pretty good.

It really made me think about where my role will be in this industry. More so where I want it to be. I know that I have a love for fashion simply because of my love for the arts and because I've always taken an interest in fashion and being different with the way I dress...I also know that I want to write since writing is my passion. So what I'm trying to figure out is: Where do I fit in?.

I don't want to be an editor at a magazine where all my ideas get shot down and my creativity is shattered. Where I'm basically there to carry out what others want me to do. I want to have some amount of freedom when it comes to my writing and how I want people to view my writing. I can't effectively hone my skills and develop my style as a writer or my take on fashion if I'm constantly being controlled. So I'm in limbo about where my interests are taking me. I'm not quite sure where this road is leading. I'm excited to see where it ends up but I'm hoping it never truely ends <3

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  1. Hey Kid!!

    Keep dreaming and planning. I know you have the makings of a great features writer and, ultimately, fashion/entertaiment columnist!! You can do whatever you set your mind to.




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