Monday, December 5, 2011

Jason Never Fails to 'Wu'

Today, I struggled and failed to see the Oscar de la Renta pre-fall collection through the live stream. I was disheartened seeing all of the people I follow on Twitter gaping, oohing and ahhing at the greatness that is Oscar. But hey, you can't have it all. Well, not entirely true. You can have it all, just not at the same time. 

To lick my wounds, I went to to see what was new and decided to check out Jason Wu's pre-fall collection that debuted a few days ago. And as I clicked through the slides, I experienced just what fashion therapy is. Leather collars, color blocked menswear inspired outerwear, printed metallic trousers and matching blazers that are immaculately tailored (I die), and houndstooth (I died twice). I mean, I was literally lost in myself. It was everything a girl like me could ever want in a wardrobe. 

Inspired by Indian maharajas and the colorful illustrations of Charley Harper (an artist noted for his bold, graphic depictions of, the collection definitely doesn't lack color, imagination, or creativity. But while Nicole Phelps of thinks that the collection differentiates from his last in the sense that it's not edgy, I kind of disagree. She described the collection as regal. While I do agree with that sentiment, I also see edgy. It may be Wu's distinct aesthetic, or that damn printed metallic blazer that makes me think this, but I think edgy still describes this collection to an extent.

Looking back at Jason Wu's previous collections, you notice just how good the cuts and silhouettes are. He keeps that in everything that he does. The clothes are luxury, but they're still so fucking cool. His girl likes to make a statement, but not in a street style attention whore, sort of way. She's just going about her day, handling her business and still looks great without trying too hard.

Isn't it special seeing a collection that you can whole-heartedly confess your love to? And unlike people, you don't ever have to be scared that the clothes don't love you back.


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