Friday, December 23, 2011

If Anyone Was Wondering, I'm Still Alive

Hello, all. I've been absent from my blog and from social networks for the past couple of weeks. I won't go into why. I love all my readers, but some things are just too personal, and while I'm sure my tragic story would pull at your heartstrings or even entertain you (you can laugh at my pain. I will get over it), it's just not gonna happen.

I've been thinking. About life. About love. About what's really important in life. I've been making life-changing decisions, one after the other. I'm a nineteen year old American black girl...and I'm figuring out what a lot of shit means to me and to my future. I've been letting my own problems get the best of me. While these are huge problems I'm dealing with, I just feel like I let them defeat me for a moment. I've realized that the world that I live in, the country I populate, the neighborhood I reside in a dire crisis. And all of that is much bigger than me and my personal problems. And I can no longer blankly standing by, letting these things go on. I just can't do it. My lack of humanitarianism is seriously taking a toll on me.

I don't know. I just can't even stomach spending my time on Facebook or Twitter. Because nearly everyone I've friended or followed is completely self-absorbed-(like I was before I had this epiphany) and completely desensitized to all of the corruption going on in the planet they inhabit. And it kind of sickens me.

Disclaimer: Don't worry, I'm not turning into one of those pretentious hipsters who thinks everyone who wears nice clothes and talks about reality TV is irrelevant. This is, after all, a fashion blog. And as adamant as I am about getting involved in human rights causes, I still believe in Chanel. I can help out the cause and look good whilst doing so, right? Lol. What does that make me? I don't care. I am who I am. An advocate of the arts. And fashion is art. Therefore, I believe in it and shall not foresake it just because I'm diving into activism mode.

Okay, now that THAT little tyraid is done....Where was I going with this? ............. Oh yeah. So I've had all these epiphanies lately. I've made all of these discoveries about myself and about the world around me through my pain. And so that's what I've been focused on. My posts won't be as plentiful to you three people who faithfully read this blog, and for that, I apologize. I appreciate every single one of you. But there are more important things that I need to give my attention to. I'll post every now and again and I hope that I get your support with that.

I hope all my readers are doing extremely well and prospering during the holidays. (You CAN expect a Christmas post. I'm not the Grinch). I love you. Be good, everyone.

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