Wednesday, November 30, 2011

6 Gift Ideas Under 15 Bucks

With Christmas right around the corner, I thought I'd post on some stocking stuffers or secret Santa gift ideas. These are all awesome gifts under $15. They may be pricier elsewhere, but on Amazon, you're guaranteed these low prices. (Judge me all you want, I am an Amazon junkie. Thought I'd convert some of you as well).

M83's become one of my new favorites. You might recognize their song Midnight City from the Victoria's Secret commercial. Their album Hurry Up, We're Dreaming is so, so good. It's so good that "so, so good" is the only way I decided to describe it. This is the perfect gift idea for alternative music lovers or someone you're trying to introduce to another genre of music. You guys should check out their previous stuff, too. So good.

Aussie Smooth 3 Minute Miracle only costs like, $4.00 and it works like a DREAM. I look forward to washing my hair now due to this product. Really helps my hair feel great and easier to manage. Plus it smells great!

What girl couldn't use a brush kit? And for one priced this well, you definitely can't pass it up.
Clinique makes everyone happy. And isn't this a great holiday color?
Burberry Body smells amazing, if you didn't know. A small vial for $9.00 will last someone longer than you think! Perfect stocking stuffer.
Butter London is just tops! It's a bit pricey for nail varnish, but hey: you get what you pay for. (This totally defeats the purpose of this post, in a way. But whatever)


  1. love your blog!

  2. Ooooo I love M83's music - I heard about them a few years ago - good stuff!

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  3. Thanks for your comment and for sharing these gift ideas :)

  4. Wow nice idea, great pick !

  5. Great ideas!

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  6. What type of gifts you would like to purchase for your friends on this Christmas?


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