Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Blair Waldorf Project

Hi everyone! Anyone who knows me knows that I am OBSESSED with Gossip Girl. I love all of the characters, but my favorites are Chuck and Blair (most of us GG fans are supporters of 'Chair', ie, the fandom created for the witty, clever and gorgeous characters Chuck and Blair who have, in my opinion, been the most interesting to follow and have the best relationship on the show). 

Anyway, Spoiler photos often surface and I keep up with them. Since I recently came across a treasure trove of photos of Blair, I decided to share. Eric Daman, who is the wardrobe stylist for the show, has received critical acclaim for his work on the show ever since it aired so many years ago. He's still doing an amazing job with B's wardrobe, don't you think? Her style is really maturing with her character. I love that. Here are a few photos of Queen B from Season 5 that I'm obsessing over.

Chuck and Blair in the episode 'I Am Number Nine' (Can't you just FEEL the unspoken tension through your computer screen? And we can't even hear what they're saying or know what the scene is about!)

Blair in TROUSERS?! It makes sense, though. She would wear palazzo pants if she bothered putting one foot in a pant leg. B usually opts for a skirt, a dress or a suit, but she looks MAJOR here. (Or in the words of make up artist and friend to Rachel Zoe, MAJ)

Blair in the episode 'Sleep No More'

So is anyone as anxious for Chuck and Blair to reunite as I am? I just KNOW Blair is carrying the heir to Bass industries in that gorgeous belly. I'm pro Chair. How about you guys? Do you want Blair to end up with Chuck or Prince Louis?

Love, Ayanna 

Source: courtesy of Splash and Getty Images


  1. I love Blair, and yes I'm waiting around for her and Chuck to get back together, but with the newest twist that she's preggers I don't know how they're gonna make that happen! we shall wait and see...


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  3. love blair!!!
    i feel that blair is gonna lose her baby. i don't know why :/


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