Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Hayden Williams Experience

Hello my loves! How are you this weekend? I am well. Recovering from last night. I went to the fox with my friend for a concert. Young Jeezy, Fabolous and Trina. I had a ball! But Jeezy always puts on a show. It was great. Here's what I wore (sorry for the quality, I was in a rush and Bella wasn't charged!)

Sheer lace top-ASOS, Jeans-Forever 21, Shoes-Sam Edleman, Belt-Charlotte Russe, Jewelry-Miscellaneous

At any rate, today's post is about a young talent named Hayden Williams. He is a 19 year old fashion illustrator from London. I discovered him via Twitter. He drew a picture of the beautiful Rihanna who then saw it and made it her twitcon. From there, he gained a lot of new followers and a whole new following. The  following photos were all done and designs by him (except the celebrity illustrations).

Rihanna 'S&M' Illustration

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

Beyonce` in Emilio Pucci from 'Run The World' Video

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Video of the Day: Fabolous-Really Tho
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  1. Absolutely gorgeous outfit! I love these jeans especially!


  2. He is sooo talented! And look fabulous! Love your hair!

    hugs and kisses by Mani

  3. Wow i LOVE your illustrations! Theyre incredible! I cant get over the olsens and rihanna!

    You have a great blog! Please take a look at mine and if you like what I'm doing then follow! I would really appreciate the support! xx

  4. ear Anna, Thank you so much for all the comments you left on our blog! I appreciate every single word you write and you make me sooo happy! I really have a lot of respect for you because you always give your best to write sth interesting and smart. I must say sorry for all my clumsy comments but you must forgive me because I am not a native english speaker and my english is not obviously perfect!
    Thank you sooo much once again!

    ....hugs and kisses by Mani.

  5. I love that sheer top! And you are right this guy has a lot of talent!

  6. STUNNING outfit! You look spectacular.


  7. Wow! this outfit is just amazing!
    Nice illustrations, love the 1st one!

  8. You look positively incredible!

    Swoon at these illustrations - Hayden is such a talent! I would love to frame each and every one of these pictures and hang them on my bedroom walls. Too gorgeous for words! :)

  9. You look really cute and chic from what I see! I love the illustrations! The drawing of Rhianna is my favorite! xoxooo

  10. Lovely post! I like your blog so much! following via bloglovin.
    bisous m.

  11. Your outfit is so fab. Also I love the illustrations. Hayden is super talented.

    -Megan Joy

    tweet @_MeganJoy


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