Saturday, December 4, 2010

Portfolio Proofs (My First Styling Job!)

What's up you guys? I missed you all! Sorry I'm a little late with my posting. I know I said I was going to try to keep three days max between my posts. I had been doing good with that however life doesn't always allow us to follow the things we have planned for ourselves. So I've been being mommy and hustling my gloves and working on a photoshoot that took place Thursday. It was a great experience! The people I worked with were awesome. The energy was great from the photographer Jason Ramon, all the models and the designer, Sae'Vonne. She designed the bustiers & tutus used in all the shots. Add her fan page on facebook here Fashionn Junkiee. So, here are the results! (This was just to start off me and my friend Sae'Vonne's portfolio so there's not a lot of creative direction. Just my vision for styling them & her designs). Enjoy!

Look 1: Pink Thursday. Model, Dior Rain.
Bustier & tutu by Fashionn Junkiee, Gloves by Quench Fab Accessories.
Nicki Minaj was a big inspiration for this look. She's known for her alter ego being barbie and her album released at the end of November was entitled 'Pink Friday'. I also wanted to incorporate a girly look with a little bit of edge but not so costume-y. Wearable (to the daring) but also really fun.

Look 2: A Fairytale. Model, Jessie Jane
 Bustier & tutu by Fashionn Junkiee.
I've been dancing for 15 years of my life. When I saw this tutu and bustier it immediately reminded me of a costume you would see in the ballet. Almost Nutcraker-ish (I've seen the Nutcraker 3 times & done the Nutcraker about 10 times so I know lol). And so I wanted this look to be very soft and pretty. Like a prima-ballerina in a fairytale ballet. And I think she looks very regal in these shots which is exactly what I was going for.

Look 3. Futuristic Vintage. Model, Jessie Jane. Bustier & tutu by Fashionn Junkiee.
This turned out to be my FAVORITE look of the night. Styling Jessie in this look was like a breath of fresh air when it all came together. I call this look Futuristic Vintage because here you see the polka-dotted bustier and the leg-warmers which is totally 80s. Then you have the peep-toe stilettos and the sunglasses and tutu that make it kind of futuristic. Or at least a 'now' trend. And I just loved how everything clicked. All the pieces, the poses she did, everything. It was great!

Look 4. Rocker Glam (My true aesthetic) Model, Jessie Jane. Bustier & tutu by Fashionn Junkiee
This look was really fun to style and like I said above, true to my aesthetic.
I love all the color, I love the accessories, the jacket (a favorite piece)...I only used one glove on Jessie because I felt like that was apart of the look I was going for. It was spontaneous. Jessie rocked it (again) lol

Look 5. Military Holiday. Model, Sae'Vonne. Tutu by Fashionn Junkiee. Jacket is vintage, designed by Sae'Vonne's mom.
I was heavily influenced by the military trend but I added a twist of holiday magic withe the tutu, tights and shoes. It kind of reminded me of the soldier coming home for the holidays and like going out clubbing lol. In my demented mind that made sense even though I know a lot of soldiers are coming home to be with family. But you have those that just get loose right? Lol. That's the great thing about fashion, it doesn't have to make sense! This look was fun. I styled her with a big gold watch that is a women's watch but it has the men's watch feel, a bangle and a really great beaded ring. Loved this look!

This was the group shot. I think it came together really well!

Behind the Scenes & after We Wrapped.

Me and Sae'Vonne, the stylist and the designer =)

Me, fixing, picking with and tucking on Jessie. Doing my job.

Our little stylish family photo lol.
(left to right) Me, my mom, Sae'Vonne, her sister, Jessie & Jason, the photographer.

And here's a little random-ness for you guys...
I got my lip pierced last night. Totally impulsive. I've been wanting this piercing since I was 16 but I had forgotten about it. My cousin dropped by my house un-announced asking me to go to the tattoo shop with her so I did. And I thought, "While I'm here, I might as well get something done. And this was it. I like it =)

My cousin Chelsey in the chair. Miserable lol.

Her tattoo of her daughter's name. Chanel Rose.

Video of the day: Nicki Minaj ft. Drake-Moment 4 Life
There are a good 6 or 7 songs on Pink Friday that I like. This is one of them! Love it. Congrats Nicki!

So I hope you guys enjoyed the post. See you in the comments loves!


  1. wow, lusting these looks! Great job!! Now following you here and on bloglovin'

  2. Jessie Jane seems to model with a high fashion look. I like her looks best!

    Great job with everything!

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  4. wow! congrats on the styling opportunity! you did a really great job, and i am loving all of these fun, energetic, and colorful looks. you also look extremely fashionable! great job :)

    i agree! let's go bombard those designers! :)

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  5. Ooh, what a fun shoot! You are a phenomenal stylist!! :)

  6. Really loving the tutus!

  7. Wow! You are so talented! Great styling!

  8. Great job!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment! =)

  9. wow wow wow. first of all let me congratulate on getting this wonderful job. u did amazingly well. i loved the way u styled the girls with the tutus. the models are awesome. love their posing. overall a striking effect.

    i tell you, they're not easy to pull off !

    glisters and blisters

  11. these looks are great!! you did such a fab job on the styling!

  12. Wow these are fabulous!! Well done hun! Mwah xx

  13. Love the outfits!! the skirts are toooooooo cute! thanks for your comment on my blog!

    follow me if you like:)


  14. LOVE this! I am a little obsessed with tutu's so this is just perfect! You did an amazing job.

    style activist

  15. congratulations!!!!!!!!!! this is so cool and i love the results, you did an amazing job. also loving the pieces made by fashionn junkiee and will be liking her facebook page for sure. again, congrats girl, that is some cool news!

    Vogue Gone Rogue
    Full Time Fabulous - Kristy
    twitter: @kristyelena

  16. love the tutus and jackets! great job!

  17. u did FANTASTIC job here,absolutely great,u're very talented!!!;) first of all Merry belated Christmas!:) and secondly i'm so glad u visited and commented on my blog,and the fact that u find it good...thank u!!:))) i like yours as well!!i've just started to follow u on google and bloglovin!!!
    stay well!!!


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