Sunday, November 21, 2010

Family Style

As you can see from the picture below, I got my love for looking good and dressing up from my beautiful mother. From rummaging through her vintage 80s wear now to trying to walk in her platform shoes when I was about 9 (trying to obtain the 'Spice Girl' look) my mother has always been a great inspiration as far as style goes. The woman is fabulous. Here's her donning a Jessica Simpson large plaid print wool coat, red faux croc bag from Avon and jewelry is miscellaneous. Today is my lovely mother's birthday. Happy birthday mommy! I love you!

Me in my Jessica Simpson coat. Navy suede with brown faux fur inside.
I adore this coat. (Jessica Simpson has some amazing stuff you guys. Truly.)

My boyfriend, wearing a Hollister tee, American Eagle jeans and gray and white Nike Dunks.

Gray pull-over sweater from Sears.

(Sorry I forgot to get a full body shot on the camera)
Graphic Tee from Hot Topic, Jeans from Cest La Vie, Scarf-Jessica Simpson
Gloves designed by me.

I got some color in my hair this weekend! I love it. What do you guys think?
(Sorry for the quality, this was taken with a phone)
Me and my love at the mall after seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and doing a bit of shopping.
It was a great day!

I really enjoyed the movie. It was VERY depressing but it definitely was a good film overall.
A tip for the ladies, Rupert Grint (Ron) has gotten BUFF.

*raised eyebrow* =) I still don't think he's cuter than the always dashing
Daniel Radcliffe, BUT. I gotta say, he's looking pretty good! Anyway, if
you know what's going on in the series by this time I think you will enjoy the movie.
If you haven't been keeping up you will be LOST. So before going to see it, I suggest
brushing up on the last six movies!

Video of the Day: Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne-Gimme That
A throwback! I auditioned for my high school (Arts Academy in the Woods) to this song.
So many memories!

So this was a loaded post today but my weekend was eventfulul and I had to let you guys know.
 Have a great week darlings!



  1. CUTE BLOG DEAR! I wish you could check out mine, it's new and i'd love to have YOU as a follower! I hope to hear from you soon!

  2. Awesome I wanna see the movie aswell!

  3. so fun including family fashion pix! great idea! all of you guys look great! i need to check out jessica simpson clothes... so far i've only explored her shoes!!!

  4. I can see where you get your great sense of style! Both you and your mom look so fabulous and stylish!

  5. girl, your whole family's got style!! your mom is gorgeous, i can definitely see why she was inspiring to your style growing up.

    and your hair looks beautiful!

    i haven't seen deathly hallows yet because i'm in italy and it won't be released for another few months, but i loved the book so much i'm nervous the movie (once again) won't come close. =(

    Vogue Gone Rogue

  6. happy birthday to your mommy!!! she look fabulous in her wool coat!!!! i wish you have always happy moments together! :D


  7. thanks for sharing the video and photos !
    loved them !

    thanks for stopping by at my blog !
    glisters and blisters

  8. Such a gorgeous family! You're mum looks amazing - I love her style too!

  9. Your mother is beautiful and what great style!

  10. You and your boyfriend look cool and stylish with some of your branded clothes. :D Anyway, if you wanna check out some great fashion channels on TV from other countries, why don't you give My Internet TV Software a try? :-) I got mine last week and I've been trying some Korean fashion and those from France. Just click on my name.

  11. What a beautiful family and fashion!
    All the best and much happiness to you.

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    Thank you. Kisses.


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