Saturday, September 4, 2010

While I was thinking of a topic to blog on today, my mind wandered from the Lanvin/H&M collaboration (which I've seen on a billion blogs) to the love poem I wrote for Marc Jacob at around 4 a.m. this morning to the Fall 2010 collections from the Academy of Art University recent graduates (which I will blog about very soon). I decided on stylist and costume designer Patricia Field. I posted my opinion on Sex and The City 2 costumes back in May. Field has styled Sarah Jessica Parker, for Sex and The City (television series and both movies) and a lot in between. She has also become quite an accomplished designer. I adore Patricia Field's sense of style. It's ultimately glamorous, chic and girly. However, though you can describe her style so many ways, she still manages to surprise you. Here are some of the items she designed that I think are really dope. You can find them for sale at!

Vintage Barbie Clutch

Sprouse Skirt

Kieth Haring One-Shoulder Satin Print Dress

Studded Short (love)


  1. So lovely

  2. I don't know where/if I'd wear leather studded shorts, but I love them. I love the things Patricia Fields pulls together.

    Come by and get to know me at

  3. i like the One-Shoulder Dress <3
    thx for your comment on my blog!

  4. I love the look of your blog - really it is fab!!

  5. I love everything u posted! especially the shorts! patricia is definitely fab!

  6. Love that asymmetric dress!
    Gorgeous post, darling!


  7. Ooh, I totally LOVE those shorts too!

    Thanks for stopping by G&G.

    ♥ V

  8. I want those studded shorts!

  9. Woah, that Sprouse skirt! I love it! Incredible!



  10. the skirt is cute, love hot pink! : )

    I like your blog a lot. I'm a new follower, yay! Please check out my blog too when you get a chance. Hope you follow back.

  11. Loving the one-shoulder dress and the shorts are so funky

  12. Those studded shorts are a must-have! I need them! xoxoxoxoxo

  13. Okay so I think I am still quite in love with studded shorts...


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