Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The World of Alon'Dria

With a name as enticing as Alon'Dria, you can probably guess it is the definition of FIERCE. Designer, Devin White captures the essence of fabulous so precisely that it's a wonder he isn't Thakoon famous by now! While Devin designs clothing, he also makes jewelry, styles shoots and is even taking up photography to perfect his craft and make his work stand out. He is what the fashion world would call a triple threat in all aspects of the term. I got the privilege to do an interview with him and I can say without a doubt he is a sweetheart as much as he is talented. Take a look inside the realm of Alon'Dria.

AM: Hi how are you?

DW: I’m good, how are you?

AM: I’m great. So I came across the line Alon’Dria on and I adore it. What’s your inspiration when you’re designing?
DW: The inspiration for my clothing would be my grandmother and the name of the line came from my mother.
AM: So your grandmother and mother must have been very influential in how you came into fashion.

DW: Yeah my grandmother owns a company and tailors. I’ve always been around her; watching her. She dresses very eclectic and likes bold colors, prints and chiffons which is what I incorporate in my designs. And my mom’s name was just…perfect.

AM: I agree, the name is dope. When did you discover you wanted to design?

DW: I was about 12 or 13. When I was in school in art class and I was sketching and the art teacher asked for more so I kept doing it and kept doing it. My grandmother taught me how to sew. I wanted to get my vision off of the paper. Originally wanted to be a veterinarian because back home we have a farm but fashion designing took over.

AM: So you’re from Texas?
DW: Yes, Dallas Texas. I’m actually originally from Waco Texas which is a small town. A lot of people are surprised to hear that when they see my line.

AM: How would you describe the type of girl that would wear Alon’Dria? Do you create to match a certain image?

DW: Yes, definitely. Alon’dria is NOT for everyone. My girl is superficial but at the same time she’s an easy going, eclectic girl who likes to mix and match. She’s like a combination of eclectic AND glamorous.
AM: Well, your designs are fabulous. I really appreciate the vibrant color you incorporate. What do you think is most important when you’re designing?

DW: The most important thing is that is an Alon’Dria piece. I want everyone to be able to tell its Alon’Dria when they see it. It’s the hardest and biggest thing I concentrate on. I don’t want it to remind u of anything else. I’m also taking up something called lomography which is photography to make images look vintage to bring make my designs different and bring Alon’Dria alive.

AM: That’s really cool, I’d never heard of that. Are there any upcoming projects we should look out for?

DW: Well, for my spring and summer collection I’m going to be using linens and doing color blocking using a lot of black yellow and blue to create another type of look. Also my look book is going to be a publication. That’s what I’m going to working on now. I’m not even focusing on the seasons. I’m just focusing on having something to show. I want the buyer to have a variety to choose from. When you’re an independent designer you have to focus on selling to local boutiques they focus on what they like and keeping the boutiques stocked.

AM: Well it was great talking to you, you’re amazing.

DW: Awesome, thank you for calling, I’ll definitely keep you updated.

AM: That would be great!

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  1. Stunning dress and colour. Really beautifull blue. Have a nice day


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