Monday, June 21, 2010

Tanielle Lobo

Bright colors, patterns and culture. You can find all of these components in Tanielle Lobo, a line that celebrates the confidence and self-awareness in women through bold colors, contrast and the sparkle that every woman should posses. This collection is definitely one that catches the eye which is what any successful line needs. Something that captures the attention and ultimately, the heart of the buyer. I had the pleasure of doing an interview with London-based designer Tanielle Lobo to talk about her collection. Check it out!

AM: So besides they hi's and how are you's that we've already gotten out of the way I just want to say I adore your line. I read in your About Me section that you started a foundation. What is the foundation for?

TL:The Foundation is like a refresher course. It is a year long and gives you an introduction in art and design and it is necessary to do an Art Degree in the UK. We learned all sorts of things from different disciplines such as fine art, graphic design, photography, fashion and textiles.
I began my foundation in 2004 and then when i completed it I got admission into Central Saint Martins.

AM:Well, I think that's great. I read that as well about you going to Central Saint Martins. Do you believe what you learned there helped you become the designer you are today?

TL:Absolutely..There might not be a lot of technical help on hand, but the experience is second to none. The people you meet, the classmates you work alongside and the tutors who guide you are exceptional in everything they do and inspiring in all their ideas. Being an international student was also a great bonus and worked to my advantage when my final year came around. I used most of my contacts in India to manufacture and supply products for my final collection and still do so today. But most of all, everybody who is anybody has some connection with Saint Martins and I'm glad to have had the opportunity to have studied there

AM: I can imagine! What stood out to me about your designs was how you were able to incorporate so much color into the collection without making it look cheap and over done. That takes real talent. What do you think sets your collection apart from any others and who is the target buyer?

TL: Thank you for your kind comments. I'm glad you like the collection! I love color. I have my favorite shades that i incorporate into most of my designs. I love vibrant pinks, purples, oranges and mix them with other colors when i work. But that's no surprise seeing as I come from India, the land of color.

What sets me apart from most designers would be my creativity and the way i apply my design. It is something that Saint Martins has trained me to do. I have developed an aesthetic which explores kitsch and eclecticism while trying to be innovative and original.

My designs are not for the faint hearted. I see them glorifying someone who is extremely confident and has a true individual spirit. Someone who likes design that has been carefully crafted and creatively executed. With ethnic flashes and traditional quirkiness i see my true patron to be someone who loves culture and travel and of course India !

AM: You're very welcome. I agree that your clothes aren't for the faint at heart & it takes courage to follow a vision that not everyone will understand. Is there anything we should be looking out for in the near future?

TL: Yeah, lots to look forward to.
I'm working on my e-commerce website and launching my accessory collection which will feature bags & jewellery which I am hoping to show at London Fashion Week very soon. In the mean time, I'm in talks with boutiques who are interested in stocking one-offs exclusive designs of my handbags very similar to the ones in my Bombay Babylon collection.

AM: I really liked the bags I saw on the site! Seeing similar works in Fashion Week will be exciting. Well, thank you for taking the time to have this interview, I wish you all the best in your endeavors!

-Ayanna Michelle


  1. Hey girl!!! Thank u for the comment!!!! Love you!!! Love that big big necklace!!! adore it !!! xoxo

  2. oh my goodness, oh my goodness! I love that second dress. Nothing makes mama happier than pops of color, an A-line dress and a high high heel. Those wedges are unbelievable! Tanielle Lobo has a great fashion perspective. Everything has such personality. Love it.

  3. aw I loved this :) good work


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