Thursday, June 17, 2010


Yesterday was June 16th. It was the day Tupac Shakur was born into this world. He often described himself as "The Rose Who Grew from Concrete". A phrase meaning that he, something beautiful came from a crack in cement. He did not have the chance to grow in a bush or in soil. I happen to be more than a fan of Tupac Shakur. He is my hero. A lot of times in the past his music was all I had to get me through the day. I felt as if he was talking to me through those lyrics. My love for Tupac is what inspired me to write this post. And since this is a fashion blog I decided I had to tie fashion into it somehow. So here is a photograph of my hero Tupac Shakur in his not-so-signature look (he had many fashion statements). Blazer, T-Shirt, Watch, Rings and suit pants. Happy Birthday Pac. You are truely missed.

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